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Helping you reach the media
How Sources can help you get more and better media coverage


Publisher:  Sources
Date Written:  14/05/2009
Year Published:  2009  
Resource Type:  Article

Media coverage is the most valuable kind of publicity there is because it is based on the news value or information value of what you do or say, and is therefore far more credible than paid publicity like advertising. SOURCES makes it possible for organizations, institutions, companies, and individuals to reach the media effectively, consistently, and inexpensively. SOURCES has been helping organizations, companies, institutions, and individuals get media attention for over 30 years.

Abstract:  SOURCES.COM is a portal for journalists, reporters, editors, and researchers to find the experts and spokespersons they need for their stories as well as news releases as they appear, newsworthy events in the Sources Calendar, and news stories from around the world. By letting the media know that you are ready to answer questions on your areas of expertise and your issues, you help them produce better and more informed stories, and at the same time you help yourself by gaining recognition for what you know and how well you communicate.


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