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  1. Bosnia's Magnificent Uprising
    Heralding a New Era of Class Politics?

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2014
    Beginning in February 2014, mass protests led by workers, students, and other citizens, have rocked most major industrial cities in Bosnia. Whatever the current uprising is or is not, it is the largest mass outbreak of unalloyed class struggle revolt, untouched by nationalist poison, that we have seen in Bosnia since it was ripped to bits by Serbian and Croatian nationalists.
  2. Bringing up the bodies in Bosnia
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2016
    Using cutting edge scientific research, an international organization is digging up mass graves to give victims' families some sense of closure and justice.
  3. Connexions Library: Europe Focus
    Resource Type: Website
    Published: 2009
    Selected articles, books, websites and other resources on Europe.
  4. Embassy Row Online
    Resource Type: Website
    Contact names and numbers for all embassies to Canada and all Canadian embassies abroad.
  5. An end to Balkan national states
    Independence for Kosovo: The Domino Effect

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2008
    If the Kosovo region declares indepence from Serbia, how will ethnic communities agitate to have the borders of Balkan countries redrawn to reflect and include their ethnic makeups? Will this only further the Balkan legacy of nationalist revenge and retaliation?
  6. For the Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story - in pictures
    Resource Type: Photo/Image/Poster
    Published: 2012
    During the Bosnian war, a group of men and women risked their lives to rescue thousands of irreplaceable Islamic manuscripts -- and preserve a nation's history. Amid bullets and bombs, this handful of passionate book-lovers safeguarded more than 10,000 unique, hand-written antique books and documents -- the most important texts held by Sarajevo's Gazi Husrav Beg Library, founded in 1537.
    As the 20th anniversary of the start of the siege of Sarajevo approaches, a documentary airing tonight on BBC4 tells the story of this extraordinary bid to protect a nation's history. Here are a few of the film's most striking images
  7. Golden Silences in the Propaganda System
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2015
    Propaganda shapes the flow of information in many different ways, including, obviously, the choice of the news fit to print, its placement, and the selection of authorities to make those facts credible. But equally important, and implicit in news choices, especially where there are political interests at stake and possible varying interpretations of the news, is omitting facts and ignoring sources that call the chosen (often official) perspective into question.
  8. International Injustice: the Conviction of Radovan Karadzic
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2016
    Last Thursday, news reports were largely devoted to the March 22, 2016 Brussels terror bombings and the US primary campaigns. And so little attention was paid to the verdict of the International Criminal Tribunal for (former) Yugoslavia (ICTY) finding Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic guilty of every crime it could come up with, including "genocide".
  9. Nowhere Man
    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 2003
  10. One Europe - 100 Nations
    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1992
  11. Special Report: Truth, Justice and Reconciliation
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2014
    An examination of how countries around the world affected by civil war or internal conflict have approached justice.
  12. Understanding Power
    The Indispensable Chomsky

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 2002
    In a series of enlightening and wide-ranging discussions, all published here for the first time, Chomsky radically reinterprets the events of the past three decades, covering topics from foreign policy during Vietnam to the decline of welfare under the Clinton administration. As he elucidates the connection between America's imperialistic foreign policy and the decline of domestic social services, Chomsky also discerns the necessary steps to take toward social change.
  13. War is Over - Now Serbs and Bosniaks Fight to Win Control of a Brutal History
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2014
    Serb nationalists are striving to suppress reminders of atrocities committed in the name of separatism, mostly against the country's Muslims (known as Bosniaks) and to construct an alternative history in which Serbs were the principal victims. Many Bosniaks and outside observers fear that this refusal to come to terms with the past means there are few guarantees that such acts will not be repeated.

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  1. Embassy Row
  2. United Nations

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