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  1. High Society
    Legal and Illegal Drugs in Canada

    Resource Type: Book
    Published: 1991
  2. How Big Tobacco's lobbyists get what they want from the media
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2014
    With cigarette packs on the agenda, the BBC must be asked why it lets thinktanks argue the tobacco companies' case without revealing who their paymasters are.
  3. Indonesia's Smoking Epidemic
    An old problem getting younger

    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2012
    Cigarettes are a rite of passage for boys in Indonesia, where 70% of the adult male population smokes. Activists and health care professionals are advocating for age restrictions on tobacco products and a ban on tobacco advertisements.
  4. Smoke Traders
    Resource Type: Film/Video
    Published: 2012
    Smoke Traders tells the story of the contraband tobacco trade and the effect on individual lives and communities from a Native perspective.
  5. 3 Polarizing Branding Secrets from Death Cigarettes
    Resource Type: Article
    Published: 2010
    Branding is about creating powerful emotions - both love and hate. Figure out who you want to love you. Have you noticed that the strongest brands have lots of enemies?

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